Our small and cozy restaurant, which can comfortably place up to 30 people, is located on the second floor of the hotel. A varied menu of the Russian and Europ

We are always happy to see you in our restaurant!

Douglas Grill

The Douglas Grill café is located on the first floor and offers a variety of dishes of traditional Russian cuisine. Our guests will have a choice of a set or ‘a la carte’ meal. The food is always fresh and cooked in our own kitchen. Children enjoy special care atDouglas Grill. We have specifically designed furniture and a kids’ menu for the younger diners.

Sing karaoke at Douglas Grill.

Round-the-clock sports programmes on SAT TV.

Welcome to our café 24 hours a day!

For those who want to repose at our SUMMERHOUSE WE HAVE DEVELOPED A SPECIAL MENU:
1. Kupaty (sausages) ‘Lubitelskye”
2. Small sausages "Dachnye"
3. Chicken boneless shins
4. Pork leg
5. Pork kebab (BBQ)
6. Beef kebab (BBQ) 
Fish starters (cold)
 Cold smoked mackerel 
Cold soups
 Summer vegetable soup
2. Cold borsch
2. Fruit drink
 Strawberry with whipped cream and chocolate
2. Home-made jam "pyatiminutka ": strawberry, raspberry
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