The»Business Travel» magazine (№7)1 июля 2006 года
 Countryside boom Everybody knows that work and recreation activities are better to be combined staying at a countryside hotel. The conditions and ser… Подробнее »


The «Moskovskaya Pravda» Newspaper15 ноября 2005 года
 CORAL TRAVEL took the partners along the «Star Way» Gala Dinner and the best tour agents’ awarding ceremony – for the partners of CORAL TRAVEL took p… Подробнее »


The «Podmoskoviye – tourism and recreation » Catalogue1 октября 2005 года
 The «Podmoskovie” – Tourism and Recreation. Atlas of the region. Itinerary guide-book. Now the information about our hotel could be found in the “P… Подробнее »


The «Hotels Parade» Magazine (№3)1 сентября 2005 года
 Douglas Hotel “spreads its wings” on the Russian highways On July 7, 2005 the 85th km of the Kievskoye highway saw the grand opening of the pilot roa… Подробнее »


The «AUTO Panorama» Magazine (№117)1 августа 2005 года
 Comfortable breaks during car journeys In the next two years, Russia’s major highways will witness the construction of comfortable roadside hotels of… Подробнее »


The «Own Business» Magazine (№8)1 августа 2005 года
 4-star motel The first roadside hotel of the Douglas Hotel chain for up to 50 guests was opened at the 85th km of Federal route Moscow – Kiev on Jul… Подробнее »

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