The history of motels dates back to December the 12th, 1925 when the first hotel in the world for motorists – the ‘Mo-Tel’ (abbr. Motor Hotel), was opened in the small American town of St. Louis Obispo, California. Architect Arthur Heinemann designed the motel so that its guests could easily park their vehicles by the front doors of their one-storey bungalows or garages. The owner of the first motel offered motorists who wanted to have a break during their journeys, all the necessary conveniences: comfort and cosiness without excess.
80 years have passed and a lot has changed since then in the automobile and hospitality industry. Everything has acquired a larger scale, more modern and more perfect look. But the demands of people travelling in their own vehicles have remained the same in terms of the need for quality rest during their journeys. They still want a cosy and neat room, a delicious dinner, as well as safety and security for themselves and their vehicles.
Douglas Consulting, are opening hotels as part of Douglas Hotel during the year to mark the industry’s anniversary, continuing the best traditions of hospitality and an 80-year history of providing world-class levels of service. We would like to maintain both a high cultural standard and the spirit of the last century beginning with principles of grace and extended hospitality.
You will receive a warm welcome when you visit any of our hotels and we will do our best to make your stay truly pleasant and comfortable!

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